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Dog Training Classes Vancouver & Calgary

So you've got a new dog. Now what?

A miniature schnauzer sits on a log in the rain forest in Vancouver during a dog training class.
A miniature schnauzer sits on a log in the rain forest in Vancouver during a dog training class.

Congratulations! The day has arrived: you are officially a dog owner. You have brought home a puppy or a dog and now your family has a plus one.

The enthusiasm and novelty of having this four-legged addition can be overwhelming for some new pet parents. Not surprisingly, the new landscape can also be overwhelming for your new housemate. New sounds, smells, sights, food, bed, toys, and people: this new environment can be daunting for your new pet.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to get you and your pooch started:

1. Set boundaries immediately. For instance, if you do not want the dog on the couch in the future, don’t allow the pooch on the couch now.

2. Avoid 20-minute walks and routine behaviour and schedules. Instead, take the dog out for adventures, trails, into stores, and out to meet other dogs.

3. Limit your toy purchases to three. Take time to learn what your dog loves to play with and how they like to play. No tennis balls allowed! These balls are abrasive and wear down your dog’s teeth which can result in thousands of dollars of vet bills in the future.

4. Begin adding Plaque Off to every meal. This will help safeguard your dog’s teeth from excessive tarter build up.

5. Purchase a martingale collar and 6 foot leash. Avoid harnesses, as they are not just a waste of money but actually create bad habits and can put your dog in danger. Dogs often slip out of their harnesses accidentally, which can cause terrible accidents, and they also encourage a dog to pull. Any “anti pull” advertisement you might see is false. Follow this link for the correct gear, Hustle Up Dog Training Dog Collars & Dog Leashes.

How do you choose the right group dog training class?

The dog training market is saturated with people who claim they are the best, so you need to look for one who focuses on empowering you to control and work with your dog. Avoid trainers who use gimmicks such as food-based “treat” training. Instead, look for a dog trainer who has experience, success and can prove his or her efficacy with results. Most trainers can train a dog to do certain things when bribed with a treat, but that is not training which gives you consistent and predictable control over your dog. Your dog must bond with you without the use of gimmicks such as clicker or treat training.

Never lose sight of the facts that all puppies and dogs have the innate ability to learn and also that it is more effective to bond than to bribe.

What does a Hustle Up group dog training class look like?

Dog training classes--or as some say “obedience classes”-- should be fun, exciting, and challenging. If you are looking for a great dog trainer and dog training experience, look at a program such as the one I offer. All group dog training classes are conducted outdoors, with an average of two 1.5-hour classes per week.

Group obedience classes are for everyone, not the select few. All dogs need friends, buddies and acquaintances. Dogs need dog friends to go for coffees with their owner, hiking friends, shopping friends, as well as dog daycare and dog park buddies. They need a social life. From wrestling mate to swimming pals; if you can name it, they want and need it.

Vancouver group dog training classes are crazy fun! The dogs and owners are encouraged to push the envelope of success. No two classes are ever the same because the environment changes; as in “real life”, so in training. Many dog trainers teach inside a hall, community centre, pet store or gymnasium. These are the worst places a dog should be trained. Stagnated stimulation hampers learning. This is why Hustle Up group dog and people training is superior to the rest. We fill our training with challenges that engage mental and physical stimulation on your part, as well as your pet’s part.

I love what I do! If you want to laugh, run around and have fun with your dog, my group training is for you. Some added perks:

1. Bond with your dog

2. Learn to control your dog

3. Train without silly sacks attached to your body filled with food

4. Train without making odd click, click, click sounds

5. Learn to train your dog with distractions

6. Get empowered with multiple tools to teach your dog

7. Take the water taxi with your dog

8. Learn at a coffee shop

9. Learn proper etiquette at a dog friendly brewery with your dog

10. Window shopping turns into shopping: have the skills and confidence to take your dog to pet friendly stores

11. Group training is a healthier alternative than one-on-one

12. 24/7 support with email, text or call

13. Multiple workshops available

14. Group dog training becomes a dog community for your dog and you

15. Fun and challenging learning to create great memories and make new friends

Here's a recent dog training client testimonial

December 21st, 2022

Merry Christmas, Brad! We’re so glad that we met you in the hood last spring before we brought Ellie home and grateful that you’ve been with us every step of the way, as we’ve learned to become her people and as she’s learned to be a good dog citizen. You’ve gave us the information we need to keep us all safe but even more, you’ve made our life with Ellie so much fun with your creative ideas for walks and adventures and play. I look at most people on the block walking their dogs on the sidewalk and throwing a ball for half an hour and I think “Too bad they don’t know Brad!”

Best wishes for health and happiness! See you in 2023!

In a nutshell…

We take pride in teaching how to accomplish building a healthy, loving and unbreakable bond between owner and dog. Touch, understanding, compliance of requests, and responsibility to one another. These are the foundations we teach. Understanding the responsibility from the dog’s perspective is crucial in addition to supporting the dog to grow into him or herself. Our goal is to foster happy well-mannered dogs and happy owners.