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Many dog training clients have a wonderful experience

with Hustle Up Dog Training

Here are their testimonials

If you have received great service & results with your canine companion, please email us your testimonial to and we will share it on this page!

Vancouver Dog Training Class Hustle Up Dog Training


"Dog training with Brad is an immersive experience from which you will emerge with a new respect for and a closer bond with your dog. We initially tried treat-training Coco with another dog trainer, and, after a year, she could do a multitude of “tricks”, but suffered from anxiety as well as aggression towards people. We reached out to Brad and, within a matter of days, he came over for a private session to observe and analyze what might be going on with her. We have since attended many group training sessions in various real-world settings—from city streets to pubs to mountain tops—and have come to own an absolutely amazing dog.  She is confident, predictable, respectful and full of joy.  Working with Brad, you can see how masterfully he applies his decades of canine observation and insight to all those in his pack."   - G. & R. Mueller

Dog Hike Safety Course with Vancouver Dog Behaviourist

"Hi Brad! My daughter and I are your biggest fans, for sure. We met you in person when you gave a talk in Winnipeg probably 15 years ago. We were working on training our border collie cross dog. Smart, smart, smart dog. My family followed your training through your books and TV shows. It worked. Thank you so much. The thing you said that stuck in my mind all of the years we were so lucky to have our dog was, if you think you have your border collie figured out, think again. Study his body language at all times. We had to say goodbye to our very well-behaved best friend this past August. I thought I'd never be able to get another furry friend but he left a huge hole in my life. Now I have a puppy. I've never had a puppy this age. 11 weeks. I bought your Puppy Book. I have to tell you, it's helped me so much."  - Kerri-ann


"Brad changed mine and my dog's life. I was having major issues with my dog (aggression). I took the step to commit myself and my dog to Brad's dog training techniques, and I've never been so thankful in my life. I am, and my family, are so proud of the respectful, well-behaved dog he has become."

- Malayna H.

"Before Brad's dog training, I only knew my nieces dog as aggressive, which was quite stressful. After Brad's dog training, this dog is no longer aggressive and is a complete pleasure to be around."

- Aunt Kelly

aggressive dog training vancouver, dog trainers vancouver

"Before I started dog training classes with Brad, my dog Layla was very aggressive with other dogs. I couldn't take her anywhere without her lunging and snapping at any dogs she met! Thankfully, with Brad's training, Layla is able to meet dogs without the aggression and enjoys being a part of her dog community. I can confidently go anywhere with her. I would highly recommend Hustle Up Dog Training!"  - Kathy C.

A yellow lab dog licks her owners face happy to go to dog training class Vancouver
Cooper & Oliver

"We've used Brad at Hustle Up Dog Training to help us with two dogs. Cooper was four when we started training with Brad. He was treat-trained and used a halti. The first class, no more halti, no more treats and no more pulling! Oliver started training as a puppy and he is amazing. He is now two and is so well-behaved. Oliver listens, walks off leash in the busiest of places, is well socialized and most of all enjoys his amazing life. Thanks Brad!"  - Laurey D.


"After attending two dog training classes. 

Thought we'd share to you our progress! Today we were able to bring Monsieur to the outlet mall. When we last brought him here, we didn't even pass through the parking lot because he was all over the place jumping at people and growling, but today we were able to go around and even visited stores to shop around!" - Erika


"Brad has been an integral part of my dog, Bodhi’s, training & education. All of Brad’s dog training techniques have been implemented since my dog was a young puppy. When Bodes was a very young puppy, he was a handful. He would bite my ankles when I walked him to the point of me being in tears, he didn’t like being brushed, & was generally feisty. As he grew up with Brad’s training, his wild demeanour improved significantly, and he was off-leash trained by 8 months. Bodhi was intelligent and needed a lot of mental stimulation like developing his vocabulary (toy names), playing hide ‘n seek, and other ‘jobs’ & games. Brad taught me how to help develop his brain. Brad also encouraged me to allow my dog to have an extensive social life with other dogs of all ages and other humans too. I hadn’t realized how important a robust social life was to a dog. Now, my dog has his human “Aunties” that he adores and dog friends who he loves. Sometimes he even chooses to go on sleepovers with them. I can see now how important this part of a dog’s life is and I am so grateful for Brad’s guidance. When Bodhi was in puppy training classes and dog training classes, he would whine a lot and not seem like he was listening, but it seems that one day it clicked for him and he was actually listening to me. Brad understands that dogs need space and time to have their unique experience in this world whether it’s taking a little time to sniff, watching wildlife or cows, greeting other dogs, playing, howling, or whatever dog thing they like to do. Bodhi is unbelievably intelligent now and wise, kind, fun-loving, has adorable gentleman manners, is well-behaved and polite. I attribute his well-rounded development to Brad & Hustle Up Dog Training and I am forever in appreciation that Brad’s training has created a very special bond with my dog."  - Heidi

Vancouver puppy class


"Wolfe relocated from Toronto to Vancouver last year at two years old. When she first arrived, she was stubborn, wouldn’t come when called, she would run away, had to be walked on a leash only, she would pull on leash, she wouldn’t sit when asked, no way she could stay, wouldn’t get in the car without assistance, had trouble with hills, trails & logs, had ‘stranger danger’ (she was anxious and barked when strangers or children approached her.) She has been in Hustle Up Dog Training with Brad now for a year and the improvements are vast! It is like night & day. She is now coming right away when called, can sit on a snap of the fingers, is off leash trained in all circumstances, will hop into the car when asked, can zip along trails & hills and jump over logs! She now has social skills as she has been encouraged to socialize with people, children and other dogs who, before, she would have considered ‘strangers’ and is warming up to people & dogs like a social butterfly. Her confidence is so great now with everything that was challenging to her before. Now she can do a 120-meter sit & stay. And she is so happy! I can confidently take her off leash on Granville Island and trust that she is paying attention and not running away!"  - H. Dummler

Dog Trainers Vancouver


"My experience with Brad has been nothing short of life changing - for me and my pup. My dog came from the street being scared of everything and everyone. When she grew attached to me, the separation anxiety would kick in to the point where she would cry if I was even a few feet away from her. A few days ago, she sat 50 feet from me and stayed completely content and ready to hear my next request. While her struggles with people are still not the best, I have seen a vast improvement the confidence in herself and me as her owner. Letting a man pet her, and even giving him a kiss on the face - something that I would have never imagined. With the fast paced working environment with Brad’s classes - you aren’t just stuck inside practicing sit/stays. You have distractions, noises, and people walking around like in everyday life. Learning the tools to navigate that probably with your dog is something I am so glad I have begun to learn. Thank you Brad for your time and effort with me and my dog, Indigo! I could not recommend enough!"  - Lexie

"I have a goofy border collie that likes to run up to people to then growl and bark. I was at my whits-end when I found Brad and Hustle Up Dog Training. Brad came to my house and spent a significant amount of time with me and my pup. He was patient as he trained ME how to interact with my dog to help build a better relationship with him. My pup is still very much a work in progress, but I have invaluable tools that I didn't have before and even better I has SO much hope and anticipation for the future.

What blew my mind was when my dog was growling and barking at Brad. Unfazed, Brad essentially had a stand off with my pup. Brad quietly and patiently worked with my dog using only his body language. My pup went from freaked right out to walking up to Brad and asking to be "accepted." I wished I had been recording the event.

This past weekend I joined his Hustle Up Crew in West Kelowna to do an outdoor adventure. It was two hours of learning, fun and physical activity with a pack of people and dogs. I had so much fun and found it incredible rewarding/insightful and educational to see my dog interacting as a pack animal and learning from his new pup friends. It was invaluable hands on training in a supportive group.

Brad has been kind and so helpful. He is quick to answer questions with his direct "but in a fun away" approach. I wholeheartedly suggest Brad to anyone with a pup. He knows dogs, he understands dogs and he seeks to build better relationships between dog and owner. Pro tip: Come open-minded and trust the process."  - Alexa

"Before I started Brad's training classes, my dog was aggressive, dangerous, and unsocialized. Life with my dog included a state of constant fear that something terrible could happen. I tried several other trainers with no success. The last trainer told me to give up.

Then I met Brad. After two months of dedicated training and attending classes, my dog is a completely different animal. Brad has truly changed my life where other trainers simply didn't have the understanding to even try.

My dog is now social, friendly and well trained. Words cannot describe the happiness I felt the first time I saw my dog playing with other dogs in the class.

Brad is nothing short of exceptional. He has a deep passion for his craft and it shows.

I cannot thank him enough for the way he has changed both my dog and my life. I will continue to train with him, do his workshops and recommend him to anyone that asks."  - Patrick

"Brad is the first dog trainer I have ever met that actually cares about and respects dogs. Previously, we had a “trainer” who fed our dog hundreds of treats per session, only for her bad habits to immediately return when the session was over or if we didn’t have treats. Brad is a true animal behavioralist and has taught us so much about just how incredibly sophisticated, smart, and empathic dogs are. We are so grateful for his lessons and how they have helped us form a much closer bond with our dog." - Emi


"Brad Pattison's "Hustle Up" training has been a life-changing journey. Two years ago, I stumbled upon Brad during a walk with my dog Fargo, unaware of his aggressive behavior. Previous trainers using treats or coins had failed, but Brad, along with Bodhi and Rocket, swiftly established control without such tactics. Over these two years, Brad's classes and workshops strengthened the bond between Fargo and me. The search and locate, coyote study, and hiking workshops revealed Fargo's intelligence, deepening my appreciation and respect. Brad's leadership empowered me to be a proud dog owner, boosting my confidence and self-esteem. Brad, you are a true gift to this world, and Bodhi and Rocket, thank you for helping Fargo become a better dog." - Anne 

"I came to Hustle Up Dog Training about 15 years ago because my 2 border collie cross had become unruly, so much so that none of my friends would walk with my dogs and I. I hadn't even taken a full set of classes with each one that we had amazing results with leash manners, off leash recall, and respectful behaviour. The best part though was that I had so much fun with the dogs, we went on hiking adventures, hung out with friends at outdoor cafes (same friends that would not walk with my dogs anymore). The training sessions are engaging, energetic and varied. I love that we were doing all the training outdoors in locations where you would be with your dog. It is real life training! Brad's knowledge of dogs' behaviour is incomparable. It is fascinating to watch him work with various dogs. He provides various tools to work on all aspect of training to get a well behaved dog, and as importantly if not more, his training creates a strong bond with your dog. I am forever grateful for Hustle Up Dog Training for helping my dogs and I have such a great relationship, and so much fun going on adventures that I would not have thought possible." - Lucie

Leo & Cody


"When I first got my dog she had severe car and separation anxiety. She would completely destroy my house every time I left and would drool excessively in the car. She also did not have any recall and would take off chasing wildlife for kilometres. Brad’s training is extremely effective, and after lots of hard work and guidance she is now completely off leash trained and I can take her anywhere with me. She can be off leash on a busy patio, walking downtown Vancouver, or on any hike. Now when we see deer she will watch them with me instead of chasing them. She can easily go for an 8 hour car ride without anxiety and has no problem being left alone at home. This training is a lot more than basic commands, it taught me how to integrate my dog into my everyday life and have a strong relationship with her. It also taught me to work with who my dog is, to identify her strengths, and help her grow into the best version of herself." - Alana

"I’ve participated in multiple group classes and group dog hikes with Brad. His classes and activities are much more than teaching your dog basic commands. He challenges you and your dog to build a strong bond and become more confident. If you put in the effort you will have great results. It’s too bad he relocated from the Okanagan. I’ve participated in multiple group classes and group dog hikes with Brad. His classes and activities are much more than teaching your dog basic commands. He challenges you and your dog to build a strong bond and become more confident. If you put in the effort you will have great results." - Brent

"Brad is an entertaining, dedicated, caring dog trainer with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

He has a natural ability to work with dogs of all breeds and always puts in 100% effort with both the dogs and owners alike." - Gin

"Brad has such a way with dogs. It's absolutely Incredible to witness the transformation that he can help you have with your k9 best friend. I would 100% recommend him for training to anyone that has a dog, at any age!" - Kelli

"Brad is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and kind person who truly cares about dogs and the people he works with. I have never met a professional who is as devoted and passionate about the field as he is. I highly recommend anyone who needs help with their pup to speak to Brad, or look into this organization. He is a life saver and I cannot say enough good things!" - Maggan

"It’s hard to put into words what a great impact on our lives Brad has had. We reached out to him for help training our first rescue dog as a last ditch effort. Our puppy was unable to be walked down the street without reacting to other dogs and every stranger. In a few short days he had provided us with a wealth of tools with which to handle our dogs behaviour. We were finding ourselves no longer dreading having to take our dog for a walk; it was becoming an absolute treat.

Unfortunately our poor puppy was poisoned and we had to let him go when the prognosis turned bad. Throughout the entire process Brad was there for us, supporting us through the hardest thing we’d ever gone through. The compassion Brad showed was so far above and beyond what we had expected. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brad to any pet owner. He’s a brilliant trainer and a fantastic human being.

Thanks for everything Brad." - Gordon

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