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Dog Trainer Course


The Time is NOW so HUSTLE UP!

Start Your Dog Training Career with Brad Pattison
Hustle Up Dog Trainer Academy! Visit us at

Brad Pattison’s HUSTLE UP dog trainer course is built around your need for a work-life balance; you will find a career which unites your passion with your sense of purpose. Brad Pattison certified dog trainers ultimately help hone and foster the synergy between dog owner and dog.


HUSTLE UP dog training is excited to launch an up-to-date dog trainer certification course to become a Certified Dog Trainer Educator (CTE). Its graduates will set themselves apart from treat-based and other ineffective training methodologies not founded on actual canine behaviour.


Begin your career now and make a positive difference in the dog training field while also gaining the certification which will ensure your financial security. More than ever, people are looking for certified dog trainers to help with new puppies or with dogs which have been failed by prior dog trainers.


Why Brad Pattison’s method of dog training?


The simple answer is that it works. Thousands of well-trained dogs and confident owners are the proof.


Brad’s HUSTLE UP dog training is grounded in canine science and refined by first-hand experience. Brad worked for over a decade studying coyote behaviour in urban and wild habitats. This career was sparked by his love for dogs and ended up fuelling his passion to examine and challenge conventional dog training. Since the early ‘90’s, Brad has been an active part of the Canadian dog training industry and beyond.


What makes Brad an expert instructor?


  • He has studied domesticated dogs, feral-domesticated, and feral dogs in Canada and other countries.

  • He has studied coyotes for over 15 years.

  • He has deployed numerous animal rescue missions in multiple countries including Haiti, USA, Mexico, Canada, and Australia.

  • He has authored four books, including the best seller, Brad Pattison UNLEASHED.

  • He has hosted three television shows, including the award winning At The End of My Leash.

  • He has been teaching dog training classes for over a decade.


In HUSTLE UP dog training, Brad Pattison melds his comprehensive knowledge, diverse experience and passion for dogs into evidence-based instruction. The time is NOW to become correctly educated in the field of dog training.

How do you become a dog trainer?


Education is everything


Becoming a certified dog training professional begins with a comprehensive and realistic training environment in which each student is supported. Instruction needs to involve in-person and hands-on learning in addition to theory. HUSTLE UP dog training certification starts with a 6-week intensive class which gives you the knowledge and skills to not only teach dogs, but more importantly, to teach dog owners how to build a collaborative and synergistic relationship with their dog.


The dog training industry right now is saturated with methodologies which do not work and are not based in science. HUSTLE UP dog trainers stand out from these dog trainer schools which rely on the use of treats, gimmicks, and fads like bean bags, shaking coins in a can, and food puzzles to redirect the dog’s attention temporarily. Instead, Brad’s methods revolve around educating the dog to resolve the issues permanently. This is where our school for dog training is different.


You will become versed in how a dog learns, what resonates with them and how they communicate. You will also learn how to interpret what a dog is communicating back to you.


Significantly, HUSTLE UP training teaches puppy growth and development. Brad has spent over 20 years studying puppies and mapping out their behaviours. This course will give you unique insight into Brad’s ground-breaking discoveries.


You will graduate with an arsenal of factual content and real-world experiences to help guide in your dog training, recognizing the individual qualities and personalities each dog has. HUSTLE UP dog trainer training will give you the tools to be successful in a field which not only needs more educated and ethical practitioners, but one which will offer you endless opportunities to problem-solve and foster positive and lasting bonds between dogs and their owners.


You will graduate with a clear understanding of how a dog can learn and be a successful dog citizen.


Many dog trainers claim to be the best in the field. We don’t claim we are the best. Our clients do that for us. HUSTLE UP dog trainer training is backed by Brad Pattison’s knowledge, passion and decades of diverse experiences in the field. If you want to be a legitimate certified professional dog trainer, this is the right place for you.


We’re not like other dog trainer schools


Students of HUSTLE UP dog trainer training get a direct line to Brad himself. Communication is vital to fostering on-going learning and problem-solving. Brad encourages collaboration to help problem-solve challenges. Looking at a dog’s individual training issues can be complex, so a network of knowledgeable professionals is a valuable tool. Teamwork is everything!


Brad has spent thousands of hours studying a variety of canine categories and behaviours. He has codified a series of tried-and-true dog training fundamentals which originate from canines themselves.


  • Domesticated – Owned dogs

  • Free-ranging owned dogs

  • Domesticated/feral

  • Free-ranging unowned dogs

  • Feral dogs

  • Coyotes


Dogs are exquisite animals who participate in our daily lives, often as our side kick or dog buddy. But, what about the millions of other dogs who are misbehaving and have not become the ideal companion animal? When K9 training schools fail to teach a dog owner and dog evidence-based and permanent skills and strategies, the dog will frequently pay the ultimate price: their life itself.


With HUSTLE UP advanced dog trainer training, you will set yourself apart from other training strategies which are designed to make life easy for a dog owner while setting a dog up for failure.




Courses to be a dog trainer which support treat-training create these unwanted behaviours in a dog:


  1. Begging

  2. Jumping up

  3. Pulling on leash

  4. Counter surfing

  5. Stealing food from tables and counters

  6. Searching for food on the floor

  7. Taking human food from a child’s hand

  8. Food aggression

  9. Negotiation

  10. Obesity

  11. Eating garbage

  12. Taking food from a hot BBQ and open fires

  13. Drooling

  14. Demanding barking

  15. Refuses to listen if not hungry


Treat-training creates a zero, inauthentic, bond between owner and dog!


Your dream, your personality, your dedication and a HUSTLE UP certificate in dog trainer education is your recipe for success. Become part of our canine academy team and make a positive impact in dog training.


When you become part of our team, you receive wholesale pricing on dog leashes, dog collars, and all other branded dog gear and accessories. Your one-time tuition is only $10,000.00, plus 5% GST (Government Sales Tax); no franchise and royalty fees. We keep it simple; you keep the money you earn.


Never-ending Learning


Yearly workshops to keep your HUSTLE UP certificate in dog training keeps you relevant. We also offer a variety of additional dog trainer courses:


  • Hiking with your dog

  • Search and locate

  • Wildlife etiquette, including bears

  • Survival in the wild

  • Rescue dog expert. This is the only course available in North America of its kind.

  • Dog Behaviourist training is offered once a year, intensive 3-month, hands-on. Location of training is Canada and Mexico.


Why has the need for dog training classes never been greater?


  • Since Covid, there has been a tremendous increase in pet ownership and, significantly, first-time pet ownership.

  • There are many courses which claim to teach you how to be a dog trainer, but only one which relies on knowledge and experience rather than on trends, gimmicks, and treats. Brad Pattison HUSTLE UP training provides dog trainers with permanent training solutions.

  • Food-based training has failed the dog population. On average, HUSTLE UP dog clients have seen 3 to 5 trainers before training with us. Once they have trained under our trainers, they don’t need to go anywhere else. They now own a successful dog citizen!


Are we a fit for you?


  • Are you looking for a dog trainer course which links you to a collaborative community?

  • Are you looking to be above average?

  • Are you looking to become an industry leader when you are teaching your dog training programs?

  • Do you have a desire to run your own business?

  • Do you enjoy the outdoors?

  • Do you have a love for dogs?


Brad Pattison HUSTLE UP certificate in dog training begins Spring, 2023.

Brad Pattison HUSTLE UP certificate in dog training locations:

  • Vancouver, BC, began on March 30th, 2023

  • Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, began on June 16th, 2023

  • Vancouver, BC, March 1st, 2024 to April 7th, 2024

  • Calgary, Alberta, April 12th, 2024 to May 19th, 2024

Contact us for an in-person meeting, Zoom or telephone call to enrol in HUSTLE UP courses to be a dog trainer.

Welcome aboard,


Rocket, Bodhi and Wolfe

Testimonials from students of the HUSTLE UP Certified Dog Trainer Educator (CTE) dog trainer certification course

"I took the CTE course back in 2008 after being a dog groomer for a few years and wanting to expand my knowledge in the canine industry. I had already taken a few of Brad’s dog training classes with my dog, Georgia and I was blown away at his knowledge and understanding of dogs and the canine world.

The CTE course was one of the most mentally, physically and emotionally challenging things I’ve ever experienced. The six week course was so much more than I ever could have anticipated. It is vastly thorough, dynamic and exciting. The hands on approach and exposure to a variety of situations and environments skyrocketed  my understanding of dogs and how they work and it allows me to apply my knowledge to many facets of the canine industry. I was able to gain superior handling skills and an understanding of the way dogs think that sets me apart from other dog trainers in my industry.

I now teach group training classes, private lessons, and pre-pet counselling and I have been able to apply my knowledge to the grooming table and it has made me a much better dog groomer. I also handle my own dogs in conformation and have been able to apply my knowledge in that field as well. This course is well worth it for anyone looking to step ahead in the canine industry and anyone wanting to expand their knowledge on how to successfully understand and train dogs without the use of gimmicks. Taking this course is one of the best choices I’ve ever made in a field I am still very passionate about today."

Amanda Roman, CTE
Certified Dog Trainer Educator

"I took Brad Pattison's CTE course in 2012 in Edmonton. In this course, I had the opportunity to work with some of the best of Brad's CTE's in Canada. It was a challenging but rewarding, life-changing experience. I already was very interested in the training style but quickly fell in love as I got to learn with my dog and see the immediate results. The bond that my dog and I developed through this course is something I could never have imagined, and it ignited a spark in me to help others gain this with their own dogs. 

I was given tools to learn to understand all the information and then how to confidently teach it to others. We were given lots of hands-on experience and practice in the real world, including mock private sessions and group training classes. I left this course a better dog owner and a better dog professional.

Now, 10 years later I run a successful dog training business in Kitchener Ontario, I have brought on 3 other CTE's with plans to bring on more. Brad has been an incredible support to me and my company throughout these 10 years. The knowledge and learning opportunities never stop and never cease to amaze me.

Through taking the CTE course and becoming a dog trainer, I found an incredible community of dog trainers in Canada who support and help each other. And now I have created my own community of incredible, empowered dog owners, with the deepest bonds with their dogs.

If you are considering becoming a dog trainer, I would 100% recommend the CTE course over any other."

Heidi Bechtold

Certified Dog Trainer Educator

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