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Private Dog Training & Group Dog Training Classes

We offer a wide range of canine training services

Our services range from Pre-pet Counselling for those who would like some advice when choosing the right dog for them, Puppy Training Classes for puppies up to the age of five months old, group adult Dog Training Classes which are for more mature canines who are over five months old, a 30 minute call or Zoom meeting (private Dog Training Consultation) to help you address some specific issues, target unwanted dog behaviour or a full Private Dog Training Session (an hour and a half long in person, in home or at a mutually decided on location, or on Zoom/call) with an expert dog behaviourist to get a deeper sense of what your issues are and to come up with a plan to resolve them. Our classes are for all breeds of dogs and all sizes of dogs. We also offer Hiking With Dogs Safety Workshops and Dog Beach Workshops. If you have any questions or you would like some direction on which dog training class to enrol in please feel free to either call us at (250) 317-0274 or email us at

in the Vancouver area