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Dog Trainer Course Refund Policy

Check the refund policy and eligibility before paying tuition deposits.

Non-refundable Fees, Deductions, and Important Information

Non-refundable Fees


While students may be eligible for refunds, certain fees may not be refundable.

Non-Refundable Portion of the Tuition Deposit

  • $1000.00.

  • The non-refundable portion of the tuition deposit is non-transferable.


Student Package Fee

  • $750.00.

  • This package includes collars, leashes, bowls, course material, textbooks, eBook, etc.


Administrative Fee

  • An Administrative Fee is charged to students to cover the cost of processing a transaction.

  • The administrative fee of $250.00 applies to all refund requests.

Refund Request


Up to three (3) business days before a Course has commenced, and a student wishes to no longer take the Course, they are eligible for 100% of their tuition deposit, minus the non-refundable fees noted above (non-refundable portion of tuition, student package fee and administrative fee). A refund request must be made in writing to and received at least 3 days before the start date of the Course.


Once a Course has commenced, students may withdraw from the Dog Trainer Course (“the Course”) at any time during the six (6) weeks and receive a partial refund of tuition deposit on a pro-rata basis. All refund requests must be made in writing. Submit a completed refund request and any supporting documents via email to Students must provide written notification of their intent to withdraw from the Course in order to be eligible for a refund.


Refund amounts are calculated based on the date a written notification of withdrawal and a refund request is received by Hustle Up Dog Training by email to The number of business days required for notification deadlines is based on the official working days, excluding statutory holidays, Christmas holidays and unscheduled closures.


Tuition refunds will be prorated based upon the date of withdrawal from the Course, as follows. The tuition amount is $10,000.00, and the course runs for 6 weeks (42 days). The eligible refund amount that a student would be entitled to is $238.10 per remaining days of the Course. For example, if a student submits a refund request on day 20 of the course, they would be entitled to 22 days ($238.10 x 22 = $5238.20) minus the non-refundable fees which accrue to $2000.00. Therefore, the student’s refund amount total would be $3238.20.


Refund Processing Time

  • The processing time for refunds is approximately four (4) weeks.


Refund Form

  • Tuition refunds will be returned to the original sender of the deposit wherever possible and only to the country from which the deposit was initially sent.

  • Refunds will be returned to the original sender in the form the payment was made. For example, if tuition was paid via Interac e-Transfer, then that is the way a refund will be issued. If the original tuition deposit was paid via Credit Card, it will be refunded to the Credit Card.


Refund Appeals

  • Appeals for the refund decision must be submitted within 30 business days of the decision and notification of the same to the former student.

  • Appeal processing time is approximately four (4) weeks.



Criteria and Time Limit for Tuition Refund Requests


Students have up to a year to submit a Tuition Refund Request if they withdrew from the Course for personal or medical reasons (see below). These refunds will be considered and calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Students who graduate from the Course and are now Certified Trainer Educators are not eligible to submit a Tuition Refund Request.


In order to be eligible for a tuition refund request, the following must apply:


  • The student must apply within one calendar year of the date the Course was withdrawn from.

  • The students request is based on one of the eligible criteria below (extenuating circumstances).

  • Medical reasons (please note that we do not require detailed medical records or the disclosure of a diagnosis, rather the specific dates that the student visited the health professional, the degree to which the health issue is likely to have affected the student’s ability to study, attend classes, or sit for examinations and the length of time over which the student’s abilities were likely hampered by the condition.

  • Compassionate reasons which could include the death of a loved one, a sudden change in personal or familial responsibilities or other unanticipated events not mentioned above will be considered.

  • Other exceptional circumstances could include unexpected change in conditions of employment, unanticipated transfers or deployments for military and first responder personnel.



Ineligible reasons for a Tuition Refund Request:


  • Financial reasons, financial concerns alone are not considered an eligible reason.

  • Being unaware of tuition refund dates and deadlines, or refund appeal dates and deadlines.

  • Nonattendance, failure to attend classes in which a student is enrolled is not a valid reason for a refund request.

  • Issues pertaining to the Course content or instructor performance is not a valid reason.

  • Workload, difficulty, or scheduling issues. It is the student’s responsibility to manage their workload, difficulty level, and scheduling needs, and as such, these are not considered eligible reasons for a refund request.

  • The Course not fitting their academic program, graduation plan or career goals. It is the student’s responsibility to understand requirements and work with third party advisors, if necessary, to ensure enrollment decisions are suited to their academic plans and future business or professional plans.

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