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3 Top Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Train your puppy first & impress people with a good dog.

Two puppies wearing martingale dog collars sit beside each other on a bridge in the autumn, they are in Vancouver Puppy Training Classes with Hustle Up Dog Training.
Two puppies wearing martingale collars sit beside each other on a bridge in the autumn, they are in Vancouver Puppy Training Classes with Hustle Up Dog Training.

Dog tricks

#1. Shake a paw! Instead, train your dog to sit for three minutes. This is a tricky thing to teach, but none the less you will impress many, many people. First thing to do is attach a leash to a martingale collar. Flat collars often slip off the dog, harnesses are useless and halti’s are no good.

Stand in one spot, pull the dog towards you, never move towards the dog when placing in a sit.

Pull up on the leash, do not pull up and down and jerk the leash. One consistent movement with the leash.

Once the bum touches the ground start timing. Begin with 10 seconds, then 20, 15, 30, 20, 45, 10, 60 all the way up to 3 minutes (180 seconds). Once you have success indoors move out to the front steps, then to the sidewalk, keep placing your dog into a sit. You can add a snap of the fingers to teach your dog to sit. Praise your dog with pats. Never praise with food. Do not use treats.

#2. Roll over! Instead, teach your puppy to walk politely with you. A well walking puppy is a pleasure to spend time with and people will be in awe of this trick. You will be applauded walking along the sidewalk down the street. Spend two hours a day doing hands free training with the leash around your waist. The 2 hours can be broken up throughout the day. Umbilical training is versatile and works with in your daily movement. If you are wondering how difficult umbilical training is. I have the answer. Easy! While you watch TV, check the mailbox, sweep, or go meet friends at the local café, umbilical training can happen. Simply slip the 6-foot leash around your waist, connect the clasp to the martingale collar and start moving. Your pup or dog will crash a few times and that’s okay. Move naturally, change direction as soon as your buddy takes the lead. Have fun with this and remember two simple rules. No talking to your fur buddy and no touching the leash with your hand. Do not use treats.

#3. Spin! Let's forget this one and jump into No Jumping up. No jumping up is well received by audiences everywhere. Keeping all four paws on the ground instead of two on the ground and two on a person’s leg, lap or other body part is a sure win for the audience and no embarrassing moment for you. Here are two cool, happening secrets to stop your dog from jumping up. When your friend is coming to say hi to your dog drop some leash on the ground and step firmly down on the leash. When your dog tries to jump up the leash will stop the dogs upward movement the less leash the dog has the less height the dog can jump upwards. Place your foot on the leash closest to your dog. The second exciting tip is: Push your hand out as fast as you can towards the dog’s face. When the dog see’s the hand coming lightning fast towards its eyes, the dog will not jump into your hand. If you leave your hand out towards the dog’s face don’t be surprised if the dog wants to play with your hand. The movement with your hand needs to be quick and used as an interruption. Once you master the technique people will be thankful you spent the time educating your dog. Do not use treats and never turn your back to the dog to stop it from jumping up. That will never work.

Dog tricks like manners & etiquette are always well received

Before you train your dog to do tricks which add zero safety measures to your dog’s education. First, train your dog to be a well-received citizen with manners and etiquette. Training your dog to be street and social smart will give your dog a balanced healthy life of urban outings with you. A trained dog is invited out, an untrained dog without manners is never welcome.

These are a few tricks to get your dog moving in the right direction. Written by Brad Pattison, Dog Trainer Vancouver. For more information about training your dog right, or to enrol in a dog training class, connect with me on these socials: IG (Instagram) @hustleupdogs , FB (Facebook) Hustle Up Dog Training. Email us anytime with questions & comments at

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