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Dog collar and leash set includes a Martingale collar and a six foot leash. Essential tools for dog training. Excellent quality & durability.


Handmade in Canada.

Butterfly Dog Collar & Leash

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    The Martingale collar is the best training collar because it tightens when a dog pulls and releases quickly when the dog stops pulling. It is the best collar for dogs that pull and the safest as the dog can't slip out when it is taught. Dogs love wearing these collars!


    Our 6 foot training leash is the best for dog training because it is long enough to do hands free leash walking and umbilical training when you put it around your waist. Dog leashes that are this length are perfect for dog classes and daily life with your k9 companion.


    X-Small          8-10.5 inches or 20-26 cm

    Small              9-13 inches or 23-33 cm

    Medium         12-17.5 inches or 30-44 cm

    Large              13-21 inches or 33-54 cm

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