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Puppy Training near me

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

3 Puppy Classes to Begin at Home

A small mini schnauzer puppy dog stands in the kitchen by his dog bowl. Puppy Training near me.
A small mini schnauzer puppy dog stands in the kitchen by his dog bowl.

The importance of Crate Training Your Puppy and more.

The sweet scent of puppy paws, soft little black pads, adorable soft kind sweet eyes, and puppy breath you just can’t get enough of. If you don’t own a puppy you can get your fix watching Puppy SOS the television series about raising a puppy. Or you could hijack valuable lessons about raising a puppy the right way before too many problems begin. Here is a link to the show Puppy SOS or for the full series on Amazon follow this link here.

1. Crate Training a puppy at night is easier than you think. A valuable and useful needed lesson a puppy must learn. The reason for crate training or kennel training is not just about keeping the pup in a designated area to do the least amount of destruction when not being monitored. Other factors include give your pup a safe sanctuary, a quiet place to rest, think of the crate as a bedroom for the puppy a private bedroom where the puppy will learn to feel safe. Some people call this a den which is really what it is for your pup. Crate training can also help in potty training and less destruction in the home.

2. Puppy Obedience Training Near Me is right in front of you, class number two you can play Tug Toy Play, TTP is vital for a puppy to learn how to play, understand boundaries and much more. Playing tug can help your pup understand which items he or she is permitted to play with. A designated tug toy for the puppy is better than the pup using a shoe to carry around the house and chew it up. Playing tug is great stimulation for the body, the mind and the pup will learn life-long play etiquette.

Playing tug is good for the sharp puppy teeth to bite into the tug toy, when puppies are in the teething stage the puppy will be looking to sooth the growing pains and chew. Additionally, during this age puppies are needing to explore. Exploring can lead to chewing the items you do not want chewed.

3. Pee and poo training your puppy is quite easy. I need to tell you one thing never to buy. Never ever purchase pee pads. Once you use them the puppy will learn to pee in the house and that creates a whole new problem which requires 5 x the amount of training to break a learned bad habit. Pee pads are useless a waste of money and will only cause further issues. When you get your puppy take it outside to a designated bathroom area that you will use as the teaching location. When your puppy goes to the bathroom at the designated area, praise your puppy verbally and with firm pats to the puppy’s body. Use the term “good pee pee” or “good poop”. I will leave you with a tip that will give you success in this area of training your puppy. Every time the pup goes pee write down the time do the same when the puppy goes poop. Now start calculating how long it is between each time the pup goes pee. If the pup holds its bladder for 2 hours and 15 minutes then keep the puppy busy until 2 hrs and 20 minutes then take it out. You can continue expanding the time teaching the puppy about structure and holding its bladder. This needs to be done and will give you the results you want and need. Puppy pee pads will not help you in the short or long term. I can promise you they will cause more issues you will most definitely not want to deal with.

Written by Brad Pattison, Dog Behaviourist & Vancouver Dog Trainer

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