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Don't Let the Dog Destroy Christmas

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

8 Days of Happiness with the Family Dog

A young tri colour Australian Shepherd puppy dog sits nicely in front of a festive Christmas backdrop. Puppy Training near me.
A young tri colour Australian Shepherd puppy dog sits nicely in front of a festive Christmas backdrop.

1st Day of Christmas

Keep all food presents away from the Christmas tree until the morning of. No wrapping gifts with chocolate, candy, pastries or any other type of food like beef jerky.

2nd Day of Christmas

You have found the perfect Christmas tree. The excitement of getting it home and putting it in the tree stand to show off the best tree ever needs one thing. WATER! Yes, water. If you don’t keep water in the tree stand the needles will dry-out and begin to fall. The magical tip to keep your tree from falling over is not to allow the dog to see you water the tree. Filling up the reserve in the tree stand becomes an instant bowl of water for the dog. Many dogs will and have gone to get a drink from under the beautifully decorated tree from the water reserve for the tree and in the meantime tipping over the tree only to have it come crashing down.

3rd Day of Christmas

A traditionally decorated Christmas tree is certainly beautiful. Maybe the kids convinced you to make strands of popcorn decorations to wrap around the tree. Awe yes, the smell of popcorn filling the house sounds divine. But remember popcorn is a strong attraction to many dogs, tempting them with an endless supply of snacks. A sure way of a major accident waiting to happen.

4th Day of Christmas

Ornaments that make annoying sounds have been known to be an invite to the dog to kill the ornament. I didn’t believe it until a saw it with my own two eyes. Don’t tease a dog with a noisy ornament!

5th Day of Christmas

Playing catch with glass ornaments is not something we would think would be a bad thing necessarily. Tossing an ornament through the air, being caught and placed on a tree. Sounds fine doesn’t it? Round shiny ball shaped tossed ornaments are a direct invite to play fetch for some dogs.

6th Day of Christmas

Wrapped up catnip gifts for the kitty can be a no no for Bad Kitty. This gift should wait until morning of before placing under the tree or on the tree or in a stocking near the tree.

7th Day of Christmas

Candy canes are a symbol of Christmas, a red and white swirl wrapping the candy cane with a scent of sweet sugar. Every child excited to lick their first sugar dose followed by many more. Just look at how beautiful the tree looks decorated with candy canes. Take one if you like for they are to be enjoyed by you but not your dog. Keep candy canes off of the lower branches so your dog doesn’t shoplift your decorations.

8th Day of Christmas

Have a beautiful CHRISTMAS to everyone.

Valuable Safety tips to keep your dog out of trouble!

Written by Brad Pattison, Dog Behaviourist & Vancouver Dog Trainer

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