The Best Dog Training in Vancouver, B.C., & Lower Mainland. Get the best results and build a lasting bond with your K9 companion! Reactive dog? Separation Anxiety? Recall? Jumping up? Pulling on leash? We can help you with these common canine behavioural issues. Hustle Up Dog Training is the original treat-free Vancouver dog training company! Contact us today.

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Vancouver Dog Trainer, Vancouver Dog Behaviourist

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I'm Brad Pattison, Dog Training Expert & Dog Behaviourist

I have trained thousands of dogs across the globe since 1992 in Canada (in seven provinces), USA (in five states), Mexico, South Africa & Puerto Rico.

I have over 30 years experience training dogs and people. I'm a professional dog trainer and dog behaviourist consultant, based in Vancouver, B.C. I have authored four books on the subject of dog behaviour and canine learning. My book, Brad Pattison, UNLEASHED, is a national bestseller. I have hosted three television shows, At the End of My Leash, Puppy SOS & Brad's Bark. I have been an international speaker on the subject of rescue dogs, dog training and how to create a cohesive environment for dogs to coexist with people. I have a deep passion for teaching dogs and learning from them. Many of my own dogs have helped me evolve as a dog trainer and taught me so much and even help me to train younger dogs in my dog training classes. I have dedicated my life to understanding dogs better and studying dog behaviour and I would love to share my knowledge with you so you can have an amazing relationship, bond and mutual respect with your canine companion.

My philosophy is when the needs of dogs are met in the relationship, they feel balanced, fulfilled, better behaved and calm around the house. Dogs need adequate physical exercise, lots of mental stimulation, dog socialization, dog play, clear rules and boundaries, to thrive. Dog rewards that are healthy for the relationship such as praise in the form of touch and massage are key to success with your furry friend. This is one example to positive reinforcement dog training that I incorporate. I believe that balanced dog training is the best dog training. My dog training classes, puppy training classes and adult dog training classes take place outdoors, training for dogs in the real world with real life distractions. My dog training methods include confidence building in your pooch to help your dog become a well-behaved dog citizen in society. My goal is that you will be confident taking your canine companion anywhere you go, further building the bond & trust between you and your dog. Dog manners are important and must be taught and rewarded throughout their life.

You want a well-behaved dog, that’s why you’re here. You want to be THAT person that can take a leisurely stroll through Granville Island, down Commercial avenue or go for a fun hike in Light House Park or Lynn Valley with your pooch. You don’t want to have to stress out about how your dog might act in public. You deserve to have a phenomenal relationship with your canine! Let me help you get there.

Hustle Up Dog Training is all outdoor training, the original treat-free Vancouver dog training company that is unlike any other.


Classes are 1.5 hours in length covering much more than basic commands, this is lifestyle training for you and your K9!

Instead of using dog treats to bribe your dog, Hustle Up Dog Training teaches you how to reward your canine companion with touch and praise, making this training the most positive and rewarding for your dog, nothing else could be better! Instead of using harnesses and multiple gimmicks like pinch collars, halti's, gentle leaders and shock collars to have obedient dogs, I address the underlying issues. Problem canine behaviours are not ignored, they are dealt with. You will learn how to teach your own pup in a way that is natural to them!

Most other dog training companies in Vancouver teach classes indoors, which is a false reality and when you need to learn the skills for the real world and the environment you and your dog live in. We don’t learn how to drive a car inside we learn on the streets. And that’s where my training takes my clients. I invite distractions to better prepare you and your dog how to navigate day-to-day living.

Understanding your dog and learning to be safe with your dog is top priority. Hustle Up Dog Training classes takes you and your dog on adventures throughout the teaching locations. From the Sea Wall to inner city hikes to the dog beach, this is the class your dog WANTS to attend!

The Team

Dog Behaviourist

Brad says, “I don’t give up on my clients' dogs, and nor should you give up on YOUR dog.”


Brad, born as a Canadian, matured into a dog guy who has studied coyotes, revamped the dog training world and refuses to be a sheep. Born to challenge the status quo and always pushing the boundaries on our dog’s ability to be better. If you want the best trained dog you found the right person. If you are willing to have fun, get pushed out of your comfort zone and welcome amazing achievements and pass multiple dog learning mile stones, then you found the right match. Let’s get started!

Wolfe says, “If I can do it, your dog can do it!"


Wolfe weighs in at 7.5kgs. Age, 4 years old, born as a Mini Schnauzer, matured into an off-leash dog and best little buddy.

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Rocket says, “Some dogs are repetitious learners, be patient and don’t give up, your dog will love you for your time invested in teaching.”


Rocket weighs in at 31kgs. Age, 5.5 years old, born as an Australian Shepherd, matured into a stellar example of what anyone can have in a dog. Rocket is a teacher and helps demonstrate the end goals you set up for your own dog.

Vancouver Dog Trainers, Canine Behaviourist
Canine Behaviourist

Bodhi says, "be surprised when your dog does something wrong, not something right." Raise your expectations and how you think of us dogs!


Bodhi weighs in at 17.5kgs. Age, 6 years old, born a Border Collie-Blue Heeler, matured to a protector, teacher and guardian to other animals.

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