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Dog Training Video Tips

Helpful Videos for How to Train Your Dog

Watch these valuable dog training videos to gain insight into how to raise a puppy, how to train a puppy, puppy training tips, puppy feeding tips, advice about puppy toys, puppy socialization, puppy collars, puppy leashes, dog socialization, dog safety tips, how to play with a puppy, tug of war, how to stop biting puppy, how to train a dog, how to deal with separation anxiety, agility training, how to clean dogs teeth, how to pick up a dog, teach dog to sit, best dog training collar, tips about dog groomers, veterinarians, dog walkers, dog licensing, dog day care, dog ear infections, tips for dogs in hot weather, insight into police dog training for police dogs (K9 dog) and so much more, all hosted by Hustle Up Dog Training's Vancouver Dog Trainer & Dog Behaviourist, Brad Pattison. Questions or comments? Send us an email at