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Puppy Training Classes

Build a strong foundation for your puppy during this critical time.

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  • Vancouver

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The first five months of your puppy’s life is critical to their development. Let me help you make a positive impact! This class is designed to give you the knowledge you need to get your canine companion off on the right paw! I will give you both a strong training foundation while setting your puppy up for success. You will learn how to set appropriate rules and boundaries. Confidence building strategies will shape your puppy for life. This an absolutely thrilling positive puppy training course that may surprise you in a good way! How to introduce your puppy through positive socialization and new real life situations. The majority of Perfect PUPPY classes Vancouver take place outdoors in a safe learning environment for training a new puppy. What you can expect to learn about How to potty train a puppy Puppy socialization Stop puppy biting Preventing bad dog habits Understanding your puppy’s mind Understand the difference between Instinctual and Repetitious learning Spaying & neutering advice Puppy nutritional needs Basic dog commands Teach puppy to sit Teach puppy to stay Teach dog to come Puppy pulling on leash Teaching puppy to walk on leash Crate training a puppy Crating a puppy at night Kennel training puppy at night Separation anxiety training How to prevent separation anxiety in puppies Get puppy to stop biting How should dogs greet each other Dog greeting human Dog grooming basics Puppy safety in urban environments Dog toy safety eg.) tennis balls bad for dogs How to play with a puppy Puppy growth stages Puppy development by week and more! Requirements Puppies must be under 5 months of age at the start of the class to be eligible If your puppy is older, I have other course options for you! There is no minimum age requirement Only the first round of vaccines are required Class times This class is 5 weeks long and meets twice per week Up to 10 puppies per class sessions. A total of 10 hours of class time The details This course costs $475 + $23.75 (5% GST - federal Government Sales Tax) = $498.75 Graduates will receive $100 off future class enrolment and a discount on our product line

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